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Building upon the success and feedback of our users with Version 2 of the PM Dashboard, ServusConnect has released Version 3 with additional focus on what matters most for our users.

Summary of the major updates:

Widget Group Definitions:

  • Servus Requests: Residents, Building/General Locations, and Preventative Maintenance
  • Projects / Make-Ready: Requests grouped within Projects (usually used for Make-Ready/Turn Events)
  • Highlights: Filter Requests by Tag, Service Professional, Top Aging, or Inactive
  • Recent Activity: List of Activities within the past 1-2 days sorted by time

Action Counts: Even when collapsed, stay on top of Activities within the Group requiring Action.

Servus Request Widget Group:

New Features:

  • Active requests by can be Filtered by Unit (Occupied/Resident), Non-Unit, and On-Hold
  • This week’s feedback from Residents, including breakdown of scores, NPS (Net Promoter Score), and a button to review ALL FEEDBACK over time
  • This week’s progress showing number of Requests created, completed (and reviewed) and Average Service Cycle in days.

Projects / Make-Ready Widget Group:

New Features:

  • Requests grouped with Projects (usually used for Make-Ready/Turn Events) are now organized within their own widget.
  • Make-Ready Status table will be shown for clients with supporting data within ServusConnect (typically when integrated with Property Management Software platforms). Clicking on these list items will navigate to a filtered list of Units.
  • This week’s progress showing number of Projects created (started), completed, and Average Project Duration in days.

Highlights Widget Group:

Note: This widget group contains our most popular widgets from Version 2 of the PM Dashboard. While nothing new, we wanted to make it easier to explore these widgets without having to scroll to find them.

Recent Activity Widget:

Note: If you want to see what has happened on your property(s) within the past 1-2 days, this widget makes it easier to explore these recent events.  Clicking on any item takes you to the Servus Request detail page.
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