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Unit Flagging Feature

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Flag a unit to alert maintenance staff and/or vendors to a condition they should be aware of while responding to a Servus Request. This is a very flexible way to create an alert for many different scenarios, including safety and awareness regarding COVID-19.

What is the difference between Tags and Flags?

Tags are associated to a single Servus Request (SR) and aid with reporting and analytics when looking at historical activity on a Property or Unit. Tags can be added (and removed) at any point in the lifecycle of a SR, even after they are archived.

Flags are persistent for the Unit, which means that they will automatically present themselves on every SR associated to the Unit, even Preventative Maintenance and Make-Ready SRs. Like Tags, Flags can be added (and removed) at any time.

Can Residents see Flags on Units?

NO. The Residents can only see the following information when we directly notify them:

  • Title of the Servus Request
  • First name, last initial of the service professional (only shown on completion surveys)

Examples of Flags

Here are some examples of Flags that Clients have implemented

  • Quarantined
  • Health Alert
  • Dogs/Cats
  • Alarm
  • May Need Assistance
  • Call Before Entering
  • Review Resident Notes
  • Open Preventative Maint SRs

How do we add new Flags to the list

If you do not see a Flag in the list, please contact Support and we can work with your Corporate Team to have the Flag added.  Most Flags will not require approval, however some may so it is best to get approval.

How to add a Flag to a Unit

There are two (2) places that Flags can be added (and removed) from a Unit:

Unit Detail Page

Navigate to a Unit detail page, which is found by selecting a single Unit on the Property Manage page.

SR Detail Page

Navigate to a SR detail page which is associated to the Unit of interest.

Flag on Service Professional phone app

Unit Flags will automatically show up encased with exclamation points, so that the alert is front and center for your Service Pros.

How can I tell when a flag was added to a unit?

There are (2) ways to tell when a flag was added.

  • Hover over the Flag on either the Unit detail page or SR detail page and a pop-up with the date created will show up.
  • Unit detail page now includes an Activity stream that will indicate when a Flag was added (and removed) and which User performed the event.

Removing Unit Flags

Whether you are viewing the Unit or SR detail pages, you have the ability to remove a Unit Flag by clicking on the ‘x’ next to the Flag name.  Once removed, the Flag will be removed from all Unit-related SRs.

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