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How to add a Service Professional (SP) user in the ServusConnect Web App

Before we dive into adding a brand new SP user, if the user you are attempting to add uses a role-based email address (e.g., your request may be blocked. Instead please review these instructions to transfer the user account from the old user to a new user.

If adding is still required, check out this short tutorial video, followed with step-by-step instructions:

ServusConnect Tutorial – Adding SP User

A quick video tutorial of how a PM user can add a SP user to their property

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1.  If you are not already logged in, open a browser and navigate to Use your PM credentials to log in.

2.  Navigate to the appropriate property in your property drop-down list (if applicable):

3.  On the left hand menu, select “Manage”:

4. From the “Service Professional” section on the manage page, click on “+Add”:

5. In the pop-up window, you have a two of options:

  a. User already has a SP-role ServusConnect account from another property in your company:

You can search for a name by typing in the search field; or just scroll through the list presented below the search line. Select the user and click the “Add” button on the bottom right of the dialog-box and the user will be added immediately.

(Note: this will only show SP-users from other properties associated with your company in the same state.)

    b. User is brand new to your company:

(Scroll to the bottom for guidelines on adding onstaff vendors versus vendors)

Click on “or you may add a new user” (circled in the screenshot below):

This will open a new dialog box where you can fill in the users information, minimally Name, Email & Phone

In the event that ServusConnect detects that a user with that email address already exists, but you were not able to find them in the previous screen, please reach out to ServusConnect Support here.

When you are done, just press “Send”*.

(*Note: user will not show up immediately as a SP user in your “Manage” page. All new users are validated by your company’s administrator and then added. This process usually takes 1-2 hrs. If there are any issues with this user, you will be contacted from ServusConnect Support.)

**This method is used for adding both on-staff maintenance technicians and outside vendors. Here are some general guidelines on how to fill out the for each type of SP:

On-Staff Maintenance Technicians:

  • Name = the person you call/email/text to order services (Sally Smith).
  • Organization Name = if you know the Org name of your onstaff technicians feel free to add it (ie., Pines Apartment Maintenance Team), otherwise this is an optional field
  • Email = this email is used for the user to log into the ServusConnect Technician App. If your company issues email addresses for new employees, enter it here. If your company does not issue email addresses for this type of employee, then create a fake email they can use to log in. (The typical schema is first-initial, last-name@yourcompanydomain; ie,
  • Phone = the mobile phone number of the technician (should be the phone # of the device they are using the ServusConnect Technician App on).
  • Address, City, State = not applicable


  • Name = the person you call/email/text to order services (Sally Smith).
  • Organization Name = name of their company (Smith Cleaning, LLC).
  • Email = the primary email that orders and general communication go to (this could be their personal email or a generic ordering email like
  • Phone = the number you call when you need something from this vendor (this could be a personal mobile phone number or main number of the business).
  • Address, City, State = business address of the vendor that you would send mail correspondence to.
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