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Adding ServusConnect Web To Your iOS Device

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Step-by-Step instructions for adding ServusConnect Web to your home screen on your iOS device

If you are a PM-role user in ServusConnect, there are be times that it would be helpful to perform tasks from your mobile device.

Although there is no “native” ServusConnect app availability for the PM-role, our web app is completely mobile responsive and looks and works great on any of your mobile devices. 

(PS – this also works for SP-role users who use mobile web!)

Adding a shortcut to the home screen on your mobile device will make it easy to access. Here’s how:

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Open your Safari Browser and type “” in the browser. Tap “Go”.

(*Note – you must use a Safari browser on iOS devices to add web shortcuts to your home screen.)

2. Enter your PM-role username and password, tap “Log in” or “Go” from the keyboard:

3. This will load the app home screen. From here, click on the share icon at the bottom of the page: 

4. Your share screen will open. Along the bottom row, swipe to the right and you will see the “Add To Home Screen” button. Tap it:

5. The “Add to Home Screen” dialog box will open where you can edit the title. Feel free to leave the default or change it to your suit your preference. When you are done, click “Add”:

6. An icon will be added to your home screen. Tap and hold to move it to your desired location for easy access. That’s it! 

(*Just a note – the app should remain logged in, but may from time to time require you to re-authenticate. If you experience the need to re-authenticate every time you log in, please send an email to

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