Removing a User (PM, SP/Vendor)

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How to remove a user in the ServusConnect Web App

Before we dive into the removal process, if the user you are attempting to remove has a role-based email address (e.g.,, the removal feature may not be available, instead please review these instructions to transfer the old user account to a new user.

If a removal is required, check out this short tutorial video, followed with step-by-step instructions:

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1.  If you are not already logged in, open a browser and navigate to Use your PM credentials to log in.

2.  Navigate to the appropriate property in your property drop-down list (if applicable):

3.  On the left hand menu, select “Manage”:

4. To remove a PM user, click on the individual’s icon/name from the “Property Managers” section on the manage page:

5. To remove a SP/Vendor user, click on the individual’s name from the “Service Professionals” section on the manage page:

6. Both actions from steps 4 & 5 will navigate you to a list view page for the selected user. On the upper right hand side of the page, click on the ellipsis (3-stacked dots). This will open a sub-menu with multiple options, which may include: “Remove” & “Recent Activity”. Click on “Remove”. Note: if you see “Transfer Account” in the drop-down, then this user can not be Removed as they are flagged as a role-based user. Please reference this article, which gets into detail on how to Transfer a role-based user account.

7. In the “Remove User” dialog box, you’ll have two selections to pick from:

a. Remove from just this property and keep account. This is when the user has moved to another property and no longer needs to be connected to the present property.

 b. Remove from all properties and delete account. This is when the user has left your company and ServusConnect should block the ability for this user to log in.

8. Select the Reason for Removal from the drop-down, which is essential for the ServusConnect team to ensure that the correct steps are taken at removal.

That’s it, the ServusConnect Support Team will review the request for user removal and reach back out with any questions. If you don’t hear from them and your user has not been removed, please contact Support here and reference the user’s name and property.

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