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Transferring a User

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How to transfer a user in the ServusConnect Web App

Transferring a user is a pretty easy process, but you have to be logged into the ServusConnect Web App as a PM role user in order to do so. At this time, the user transfer feature is reserved for users in the system that have been identified as having a role-based email address (e.g., If you have a role-based user that does not have the Transfer user feature show up or you need to do this for yourself, please contact ServusConnect Support here.

What happens when a role-based user transfer is performed:

  • Reassign all SRs & dependencies to the new user
  • Email the new user with password reset instructions
  • Archive the previous user and block log-in
  • Preserve the activity history of the previous user

NOTE: In the event that a user with a role-based email has left the property and the replacement user has not been defined, we recommend that you still perform the user transfer and enter a temporary “name” for the new user (e.g., Grand Heights PM).

Step-by-step instructions:

1.  If you are not already logged in, open a browser and navigate to Use your PM credentials to log in.

2. Navigate to the appropriate property in your property drop-down list (if applicable):

3. On the left hand menu, select “Manage”:

4. To transfer a role-based user, click on the individual’s icon/name from the “Property Managers” or “Service Professionals” section on the manage page:

5. Selecting a specific user will navigate you to a list view page for the selected user. On the upper right hand side of the page, click on the ellipsis (3-stacked dots). This will open a sub-menu with multiple options, which may include: “Transfer Account” & “Recent Activity”. Click on “Transfer Account”. Note: If you see “Remove” in the drop-down, then this user can not be Transferred as they are not flagged as a role-based user. Please reference this article, which gets into detail on how to Remove a user account.

6. In the “Transfer Account” dialog box, fill in the name of the new user taking over the role-based user account, as well as an optional phone number.

Note: The transfer process takes place immediately. As a result, the prior user will no longer be able to log into ServusConnect and the new user will be required to perform a Password Reset in order to set up their new account. ServusConnect will automatically email the new role-based user the password reset link/instructions.

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