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What is a PM/SP/PM+

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There are two types of users (or roles) in ServusConnect, plus a new hybrid role (PM+).

PM = Property Manager

The PM role has an “umbrella” view of the property – they create service requests and see all of the service activity on the property.

They are also responsible to review requests completed by SP users. This review process also initiates an automated archival of the request, and in some cases, notification to the resident that the request has been completed.

SP = Service Professional

The SP role receives requests from the PM. Each request requires a responsible user; hence a request can only assigned to one SP as a time. 

An SP user can perform the following actions on a service request:

  • Receives
  • Accepts
  • Comments
  • Completes


The PM+ role combines the features of the previously mentioned PM and SP user roles, giving this type of user greater control and flexibility, especially on smaller properties with 1 or 2 employees. Reference this article for ServusConnect’s recommendation for PM+ users. 

If you have any questions about the workflow, please send a inquiry to

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