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Resident Text Messaging Opt-In Support

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ServusConnect has enabled several options to help your property team(s) get your Residents successfully opted-in on receiving text messages. Here are some options:

Option 1A: Post Flyer in Office

When a Resident visits the office to sign their lease, put in a new service request, or use the amenities your property offers, they can scan the QR code on this flyer to opt-in to receive ServusConnect notifications.

This flyer can also be found and downloaded from the property Manage page within ServusConnect, as shown here:

ServusConnect Property Manage Opt-in Supporting Info

Option 1B: Digitally Send Flyer to Residents

Utilize other messaging platforms that you use for leasing purposes and digitally send the flyer to Residents. Just download the PDF file found above, attach, and send.

Option 2: ServusConnect Notification Emails

As noted, email notifications will continue to go out. We’ve updated this email to include language about text messaging notifications being available and a link to opt-in.

ServusConnect Email Notification Opt-in Section

Option 3: Send Reminder Email to Resident

Wherever you find a Resident with a phone number that has not opted-in, you can quickly send them an email requesting opt-in. Here is an example of where this is located.

ServusConnect Text Messaging Status Indicators

Supporting Content

For a quick snapshot of which Residents have opted-in to receive text messages, you can easily Export Resident Report, as shown here:

ServusConnect Export Resident Report

For Residents who have questions, we’ve created a resident-facing FAQ landing page that is linked from the opt-in form where Residents can get more information on what they are opting in for.

Final Considerations

In the event that the Resident contact information has been updated within the Property Management application, where a new mobile phone number is given, ServusConnect will be automatically updated with the Resident’s new mobile phone number. Since the new phone number has not opted-in, the Resident will be required to perform one of the opt-in procedures listed here before they can receive text messages from ServusConnect.

If you or your team have any questions or issues with Resident Text Messaging Opt-in/out, feel free to send us an email at

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