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User Role Overview

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ServusConnect covers your property operations team(s) with a simple matrix of user roles and corresponding abilities. Here is a quick reference to User Roles and how they align to day-to-day operations.

Property Manager Role

The Property Manager (PM) role in ServusConnect enables use the system to create & assign new Servus Requests (SRs), manage active SRs and review completed SRs. PM users typically access the system from a web browser and ‘see’ the whole site (or multiple sites, depending on their role).

In addition to SR activity, PM role users have access to Manage the properties that they are connected to, create & manage Recurring SRs (Preventative Maintenance tasks), Make-Ready Projects, ServusMessages, manage Invoices with Contractors/Vendors, and view ServusInsights dashboards/reports.

Service Professional Role

The Service Professional (SP) role in ServusConnect enables those users that typically perform work in the field (Engineers, Technicians, Contractors, Vendors, etc.), and primarily interact through the ServusConnect Technician Mobile App on their internet-connected mobile devices.

SP role users use the app to digitally receive and keep track of their individual SRs (assigned to them), document repairs with comments, photos, and videos, and then indicate when requests are “COMPLETE” when they finish their portion of the work.

To better equip Contractors/Vendors that have been connected to a property in ServusConnect, an Invoicing feature allows Contractors/Vendors to create/attach, submit, and track invoices with their Property Management customers.

PM+ Role

This role was created to enable those users of ServusConnect to access all of the features and functions of the Property Manager role, but also perform the actions of a Service Professional role. This is a great solution for a Service Manager/Supervisor or team members responsible for all maintenance operations tasks on a property.

To set yourself or another PM role user up as a PM+ role at your property, follow the instructions found in this support article.

Regional Manager Setting for ServusInsights

In the event that you are in an oversight role for many properties, a single region/portfolio, many regions, etc., or work in a corporate position that would benefit from the data collected and presented in ServusInsights, it may be useful for you to be set up as a Regional Manager. This will enable your user to view all data from all properties via the ServusInsights data analytics platform. Simply reach out to via email and request to be set up as a Regional Manager.

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